BAPA is a group of Consultant Anaesthetists and Regional anaesthesia enthusiasts who founded the charitable society British Anaesthesia and Pain Training Academy. BAPA is based from around the world and is committed to improving education in Ultrasound Guided Regional Anaesthesia (UGRA) for interventional acute pain management. 

There are many US Guided interventional pain Conferences ranging from updates, day events and cadaveric courses but very few practical courses to teach and train physicians in Emergency medicine who care for trauma patients. This delays the delivery of essential pain management until expert help is available. BAPA has been successfully running courses, conferences and workshops in association with ICCES (International Council for Critical Emergency Sonography) and India’s largest trauma centre (JPNA Trauma Centre, New Delhi) successfully for the last two years with excellent feedback from the delegates.

The courses are designed with the curriculum for ED physicians around the world which delineates clear objectives for higher and advanced interventional pain training. This enables the ED physicians to provide immediate, safe and high-quality pain management for trauma patients. The course accreditation from the colleges in UK also enables the physicians to sit higher exams in regional anaesthesia and pain management.

Consolidating on this widespread enthusiasm for UGRA in providing interventional pain management in emergency department is what BAPA is incredibly passionate about. It recognises the importance of creating a safe environment to learn these techniques. They are placed at an advantage as they have the experience in running numerous such courses to cater to a wide range of practitioners. The group has mentored many anaesthesia and ED physicians all over the worlds and also has promoted their educational activity through the website